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    1. Phosphorus recovery  
    REMONDIS’ TetraPhos process won the 2016 Green Tec Award – find out more in the section on Award Phosphorus is found as phosphate in sewage sludge, the residual material left over from...

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    2. Recycled raw materials  
    Materials that are ‘downcycled’ also meet the highest requirements no matter what they are used for during the different stages of their life cycle. This is guaranteed as the recycling sector is...

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    3. Mission  
    Anyone looking to run a highly efficient recycling business and conserve our planet's natural resources cannot simply ignore hazardous waste. Such products, however, contain not only recyclable...

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    4. Lippe Plant  
    Covering a surface area of 230ha, the Lippe Plant is the largest industrial recycling centre in Europe. Originally an aluminium plant, this recycling park in Lünen is now home to a range of...

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    5. Water supply  
    Drinking water standards are most certainly high. The challenge of supplying industrial businesses with ultra-pure water, however, is even greater. Drinking water contains many substances that must...

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    6. Plastics recycling  
    REMONDIS has been working in the field of plastics recycling for over 50 years now. The company realised just how important sustainability is many years ago. The crux of the matter here is not...

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    7. Land remediation  
    Mineral waste in Germany Did you know that building and demolition work creates more than half of all the waste produced in Germany? According to the Federal Statistical Office, the country...

    Path: en/acting/land-remediation/

    8. Hazardous substances  
    Incinerating hazardous substances is a highly complex procedure that requires extensive specialist knowledge – including precise details about molecules. The method used to treat PCB demonstrates...

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    9. Energy production  
    Industrial wastewater, especially water from the food processing industry, often contains large amounts of organic substances. We use fully automated anaerobic pre-treatment systems to eliminate...

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    10. Approach  
    Our Corporate Compliance Guidelines apply to all our branches no matter where in the world they are located Fairness and honesty are at the very core of REMONDIS’ corporate culture. Our employees...

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