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    1. Nature conservation  
    Resource conservation and recycling are two ways of protecting our environment. Recycling raw materials quite simply means that fewer primary raw materials need to be mined – and reduces the...

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    2. SDGs  
    In the year 2000, the nations attending the UN Millennium Summit passed a resolution to adopt the so-called Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The objective here was to have eradicated poverty and...

    Path: en/sharing/sdgs/

    3. Sustainable development strategies  
    When it signed the Agenda 21 at the UN Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, Germany committed itself to drawing up and implementing its own sustainable development strategy. It did not, however, truly take...

    Path: en/sharing/sustainable-development-strategies/

    4. The fundamentals  
    REMONDIS’ Environmental Commitment (PDF) 1713 It all began in the forest The chief mining administrator, Hans Carl Carlowitz, developed the principle of sustainability for the forestry...

    Path: en/sharing/the-fundamentals/

    5. Advice  
    The same applies to recycling know-how as it does to all other kinds of know-how: it must first be disseminated before it can bring about social and political change. By providing others with...

    Path: en/fostering/advice/

    6. Ecodesign  
    The more recyclable a product is, the better. The recycling label documents the raw material efficiency level of a product It’s easy enough to carp and complain. It’s far more difficult, though,...

    Path: en/inspiring/ecodesign/

    7. Links  
    bde.de The website of the Federal Association of the German Waste Management Industry (German only) bne-portal.de/english/ A website looking at education and...

    Path: en/sharing/links/

    8. Awards  
    Find out more about the ReLei project in the chapter on researsch Recovering and recycling lightweight components in fibre-reinforced composite hybrid structures so they can be reused – that not...

    Path: en/fostering/awards/

    9. Teaching & training  
    The quality of an apprenticeship not only depends on the content of the material being taught but also on the general framework in which it is provided. We are, therefore, particularly proud of the...

    Path: en/fostering/teaching-training/

    10. Cradle to Cradle  
    The report analysing the potential of circular systems commissioned by the Ministry for Economic Affairs for the German state of NRW (German only) By using the C2C design, companies are given the...

    Path: en/inspiring/cradle-to-cradle/

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